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U2 Icons
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This is a community to post and grab icons for U2. When you post, please mention whether your icons are up for use or being displayed only. If you'd like to post icons of your own but have no webspace for you can sign up for a free account at photobucket.

This community is moderated by sellyoursoul.

Community Rules
1) When posting many icons (at least more than 10), please use the lj-cut tag. Also, specify if your icons are sharable or not.
2) No stealing icons! If you're going to take someone's icon, comment and tell them. If you're going to take someone's icon and pass their work off as your own, you'll be removed from the community.
3) If you'd like to request an icon feel free to post your request, please keep the images that you are requesting to be made into an icon behind a LJ-cut.
4) Fighting with or insulting other members may result in your deletion from the community.
5) I reserve the right to do whatever I please.

NOTE: all kinds of U2 icons are welcome.

(Contact me if you'd like to be included!)

(No hotlinking, please!)